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Hello! (again)

Hello yawning void of LJ-verse I've been avoiding for months:*

If anyone out there is still paying any attention this journal, AND likes Stargate Atlantis, AND wants to beta for me, let me know! (you know you wanna....)

Evan xxxx

* not entirely my fault; partly, yes (by which I mean "largely"), but also partly the rest of the universe. I shake my fist at you, rest of the universe!

Jewish funeral customs

Help, help -

I don't know anything about Jewish funerals, and a story I'm writing needs some authenticity, and my three-minute internet search hasn't been all that helpful.

I've got a character attending a funeral, and while there isn't a detailed description of the service, I'd really like to not make any huge blunders. I've been to a handful of ostensibly Christian funerals so I know enough to bluff my way through that part of the story, but I don't want to get everything totally wrong on this.

I will be madly grateful to anyone who can help me:

1) Is the funeral service held inside the synagogue, or elsewhere?
2) Are there any particular rituals that are observed? Prayers/psalms/hymns that are traditional?
3) Any organizational stuff I should know? Seating arrangements? Ushers?
4) Anything else I should know?

Thank you thank you thank you! Y'all rock.

Beta for N3?

So after a few false starts and work crises (sigh), I am actually diving into Nicky 3. I've got about 20 pages so far, and I feel like it needs to be read (and raked over the coals) by someone who knows the Nicky-verse. Any takers?

(you know I'm looking at you, janissa11...)


Crap -

Is there any mention in canon of Nick's family's names? I'm thinking sisters and/or brother(s). I started out with Pete (brother) and Carrie (youngest sister) in the Nicky-verse, and I'm at a point where I want to start naming more of them. Anything I should be using? As a sort of after-the-horses-have-gone nod the canon?


So at work today, I received the following spam:
- 14 offers to by watches
- 6 offers to make my penis bigger

Since when do watches beat out trouser snakes turning into pythons? This is starting to worry me. What does this say about our society? I have a reasonable expectation of good spam!

Nicky 3 coming soon...

So I essentially got kicked in the head watching some old(er) CSIs, and found myself thinking, "You know, the root of Nicky3 is somewhere on my computer..." Funny how these things are triggered.

I'm working on the first part of N3, and will probably be posting it in chunks, like I did N2. I think the original Nicky might have pre-dated my figuring out how to use LJ. Possibly. If not, then it certainly predates my memory of LJ at that time. Thingy. Um.

Yes. So for anyone interested in the continuing saga of Nicky and Nicky 2, watch this space.

Otherwise, have fun. Don't play in traffic. Wear a helmet.

(PS: I think I actually remembered the html codes for this! woo hoo!)

Time for my six-month check-in...

So it's the end of January 2009. Ooops. Technically it's my birthday, too, but I'm hiding under a rock for the next week and a half so I'm pretending that my birthday isn't just yet.

I'm also working too hard, not doing enough writing (although Tim McGee visited me the other day, so who knows...) and generally not eating enough chocolate. That should be my new year's resolution.

Also, I haven't disappeared (for those who were wondering), just hiding. Five classes and 20 hrs/wk work is a full load. Hopefully after next week, things will return to something approaching normal, and I will actually get to do a little writing and reading and watching tv for the hell of it.

Fingers crossed.


Sera the gerbil (grey, smart, friendly and wonderful) died yesterday of a heart condition and pneumonia. I miss her.
(sniffly sniffly)


Made it through the weekend more or less intact (minus the gallon or so of blood that the mosquitos took off with), and I managed not to kill anyone in the process of playing stupid communication and teambuilding exercises... and I didn't even get snippy.

Although honestly, when they make you do something ridiculous and then ask you, "So what did you think of this activity?" what are they expecting to hear? "I feel like my needs have been satisfied by this exercise involving sticky notes - my life is worth living again..." ?!

But I was polite and politic and not even a little bit rude. Mostly.

And there was a lake and it didn't rain, so that's good. I got to leap enthusiastically off a dock several times, so that's good.

Now I just have to survive NEXT weekend - a conference with an organization I'm not sure I support, and all my bosses will be there... fun. And it's in Toronto, so there's no convenient lake at the bottom of the hill to throw myself into (well, there is, but it's a gross lake so no go).


It's raining...

...and I'm about to get kidnapped by the student fed for a weekend of cottage bonding. In the rain. All weekend. Straight back to work on Monday. I'm going to need another weekend to get over this one.

Oh, and next weekend? Kidnapped again by the fed for a trip to Toronto: drive for four hours to stay in a student res in Mississauga for three days and have MORE ridiculous meetings.

Why did I think this job would be cool?